Verticle lines at edge of the image

I’m using:
Epson 1430 printer MacOS Sierra. Print tool and QuadRIP Piezo Selenium K6. Easy fill cartridges.

Printer is brand new. Made a few color prints. They were fine. I have aligned the print head at least 15 times. In allignment I can get the vertical gaps gone, not the horizontal. At the edges of my first test print where it fades to gray, at the top and the bottom the image breaks into what looks like scan lines of an old B/W CRT. I have made a 4x6 print and an 8x10. The center part of the image is fine. Is this an Epson issue or a Piezo issue. Image attached. The image uploaded with a a moire pattern that might make it hard to see

Thanks so much in advance.

Due to paper feed with desktop model printers (1400, 1430, R1800/800, R1900, R2000, R2400, and R2880), there MUST be 1″ minimum margin on the beginning and ending edge of the paper, for smooth print quality. If the image area is within the beginning or end 1″ of paper, micro-banding will be present in this area. This applies to both gloss and non-gloss printing with QuadTone RIP, and does not effect pro model printers.

If you absolutely need to print with smaller margins than this, you can add a strip of paper to the leading and tailing ends and compensate for this with a custom page setup.

Described in more detail here.