Vertical Banding, Epson 7600 Pro



I’ve discovered that my printer suffer from vertical banding, though it only seem to be on one or two channels (at least this is what is manifest it self like, on some photos there’s no trace of it at all, and it seems to be depending on the tone of the ink…).

I’ve tried the head align for UNI-D ALL, BI-D ALL process, a cpl of times already, with no success at all. When printing in color I used the Epson driver, and had no problems at all, but now for my Piezography using QTR this all of a sudden showed up from nowhere…

Any ideas? Advice?




hmm, this is indeed very odd!

All I can think of now is this; I found a service bulletin from epson with a firmware update that says it corrects problems with Vertical Banding (unspecified) using ultrachrome inks (ie. not dye). So how do I update firmware on the 7600 from Mac Os X on an intel mac… apparently I don’t…

Frustrating to say to the least… (searching local ads here for an old mac… fo cheaps).


Could you possibly scan and attach or email me a printed nozzle check and ink separation image (printed thru QTR’s calibration mode) to examine? If so, please print on the coated side of a piece of scrap paper (for crisp details) and scan at 300ppi min (again, for detail).

The 7600/9600 is getting to be an older printer model, so support for it is becoming limited with newer operating systems… though many people are still happily using them, so it’s certainly still possible.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hi Dana,

This weekend I’ll change that firmware, then I’m waiting for a bunch of dampers and a new capping station, when those are changed I’ll give it a go again and see if things are fixed. If I still experience problems after that I’ll get back to you with those prints.




Ok, sounds good. Keep me posted!

~Dana :slight_smile:


Btw, regarding damper swapping, the service manual says I should flush the printer from ink before proceeding, do I need to do this or is there a trick you use when doing this?



I personally don’t drain the ink lines to replace the dampers, but raise the cartridge locking lever to shut off ink flow to prevent excessive ink dripping from the ink lines/dampers after disconnecting from the print head. I recommend using a magnetized screw driver, thoroughly reading the damper replacement procedure before beginning (though don’t need to drain the lines), and give yourself plenty of time so you’re not rushing.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!!

Thanks Dana!



As expected the firmware update made no difference, now I’m waiting for a shipment from China with new dampers, and waiting for reply on capping station and pump from 2-3 different suppliers.

Do you change the o-rings as well when you change the dampers Dana?




It’s also good to replace the flushing box and wiper blade while you’re at it.
I generally don’t replace o-rings between the ink lines and dampers unless they appear to be worn. The o-rings are important to have a tight seal for proper ink flow.

All the best~ Dana :slight_smile:


Yeah, wiper blade for sure, and IF I can find a flushing box… Else I probably just take it out and clean it as good as I can…



If you haven’t already, check with CompassMirco for replacement parts. I know parts for the 7600/9600 are getting discontinued and difficult to find, but they may be able to help you.