Variabel clog LC channel Epson 3880

LC ink variable clog.
Epson 3880. New "cap station and new steamers. (500 print since)

Went out of ink on LC and has since experienced variable clog. Sometimes up, in the middle and down.

Replaced LC with piezoflush - no clog afther a while.

Puchased new LC and fill with ink - clog come back.

It disappears at 1 clean so I can print 1 photo. 5 min. after the clog comes back.

Print LC flush and clog disappears. Stands quiet 5 min clog back.

Is in air in the damper or a leak?

Per stavnesli


Air in the damper and ink line.

Top off carts (if you can), re-prime the LC, run 2 or 3 power cleanings to re-prime all the ink lines and get rid of any air that may be lingering specifically in LC.