Validation on ink change progress

You need to print this larger and on a 24" roll printer. Doing little letter sheets is going to take FOREVER.

You are on the right path but this method is too slow.

Approx 24x40 inches PER CHANNEL is required for purging.


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Hello, As I am working with the QTR flush 8 channel image and going from K7 to the Pro inks on my 7890, after 100 inches in length of printing, here is an image of the 8 channel QTR flush image. Is there anyway to see, from this image, if I am on a correct path? From my first flush print I have only seen a major shift in the 5th channel (with the GO channel being 8) that has gone from a grey to a very dark grey. thumbnail


THANK YOU Walter, I understand! This is a 13x19 sheet, but I understand better now. Raphael

Hi Walker, quick question. As I purge each channel separate, I suppose it does not matter whether I use glass or matte paper. Do I need to make any indications of QTR or my printer? I have some cheaper matte paper I was planning to use and I supposed I would just indicate this on my 7890 interface. Raphael