UV45 Ink/ Single Channel Printing

I am printing transparencies for screen printing from Photo Black Channel of my R3000 Printer in which I have installed UV45 Ink.

  1. Do you recommend Pictorico Ultra Premium OHP or is standard Pictorico Premium sufficient?

  2. What method do you recommend for printing only from Photo Black channel? I have other inks installed in other positions. Accurip ($500) and PrintFab ($150 Pro version which has halftone feature) are bit too expensive. I can create halftones myself. Would you recommend Gutenprint? Or is there another way to print only from Photo Black cartridge?

I think I answered this in a previous thread. But really any inkjet film works with UV45. Pictorico is overkill.

You can print half-tones yourself but really there’s a reason why these rips cost money. They have worked out all the variables for printing sharp edges.