UV density of HD photo Black VS Shade 1 Selenium Photo Black

Hi there,

I am using my 9900 printer just for digital negatives.
Have the HD photo black ink a different UV density than the conventional Shade 1 Photo Black Selenium ink?

I ask because I might have to refill my cart containing the latter with the former, and I want to confirm whether I could just mix them both in the cart, and whether I should re-linearize my curves again once I make the switch.



These are both 100% carbon inks with similar ingredients so it should be pretty safe to mix them. “HD” photo black is actually just slightly less optical density than the older Shade 1 photo black but it settles way less and is a new formulation and still produces enough density for dig neg. The Shade 1 was overkill actually and caused some speckles in the highlights similar to matte black ink.