Using the Piezo Flush carts to clean the 2880 AND storing the carts with Cone inks



Hi Dana:

For those of us who are considering moving to “full time” digital ink jet printing from the analog darkroom the various printer cleaning steps can be a bit off putting.

Hence I wonder if it might be possible to simply use the carts that are filled with Piezoflush to periodically clean the printer. In addition, when changing from one ink set to another on the 2880, might one simply insert the carts with the Piezoflush and just run a cleaning cycle and a nozzle check? Would using the Piezoflush carts and the technique noted usually suffice? If so, cleaning when switching from one ink set to another would be both easier and more convenient. Indeed, would simply performing the steps just described make it possible to do preventive maintenance less often?

So to embellish a bit: Remove the K3 color inks that my wife uses for printing photos of the grandchildren. Insert the carts having Piezoflush, and run a cleaning cycle and nozzle check. Remove the carts with the Piezoflush. Insert the carts with the Cone inks, etc. Likewise, if one has multiple sets of Cone black and white inks, the same procedure can be used when switching between such sets. One would not have to use the Qtips to clean the capping station when changing inks, etc., etc.

In addition, when removing the carts with the Cone inks, might you confirm that my planned work flow is correct? So, if we are away for a month travelling, one might remove the carts with the Cone inks, and place the carts with Piezoflush in the printer. Store the carts with the Cone inks separate and upright in resealable plastic bags. Should the vent holes be closed when storing the carts with the Cone inks? When returning, cleaning cycle and nozzle check using the carts with the flush. Then simply shake up the carts with the Cone inks, replace the carts with the Piezoflush with the Cone ink carts, cleaning cycle, nozzle check and start to print?

Thanks for helping Dana.



Hi Elliot~

Yes, there is always a lot to learn when moving onto use a new system, but we provide lots of information, and are always here to help.

Yes, PiezoFlush carts are a great way to clean your printer periodically, and are great to use for safe storage when the printer won’t be used for a while as well.
If you’re changing from one Piezography ink set to another, you don’t need to flush the print head between tones, but simply remove one set of Piezography carts, install the other set, and do 1-2 cleaning cycles, then print a nozzle check before printing with the newly installed tone. If you switch between color and Piezography inks in this printer, then I DO recommend flushing between to avoid mixing and color staining, as well as using Q-tips to remove color ink from the print head points (the points that pierce the bottom of the carts), before installing Piezography carts- also to avoid color staining, and contamination of your B&W carts (this info and a photo is included in your cartridge instructions).

I hope this helps.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


Thanks. A question of semantics…is the flushing cycle the same as a cleaning cycle Dana?



Sorry…found the answer…a cleaning cycle with the Piezoflush carts is flushing…thanks…sorry for the confusion.


Yup- you got it! :slight_smile: