Using same carts for K7 and Pro inks possible?

Hi there,

In the preparation for renewing my K7 selenium inks for the new pro inks, does it make sense to use the same carts or has one to buy new carts instead? I would prefer to just clean the ones I have with distilled water and reuse them, but I would like to know whether this would cause a problem for the pro inks…

As I would be using a 9900 printer, currently my K7 system PiezoDN has two carts with Piezoflush, and Walker has already said this is kryptonite for inks… so I guess that would mean I would need to buy a new cart in any case for when I will buy the pro inks?

In any case, I would like to know which is your recommended practice for users using PiezoDN K 7 system on a 9900 and expecting to start using pro inks in the near future…

Thanks so much!


wash with distilled. That should be fine,