Using R3000 cartridges in P600

I have been using my R3000 with IJM carts and CCP for years and also have a set of carts for Piezoflush. I recently acquired a P600 that has a clogged up black channel. The R3000 IJM carts appear physically the same or similar to the P600. Can I purchase a P600 reset chip and swap it in to one of my R3000 Piezoflush carts to clean the black channel? I would likely then use the QTR page to print just black. I think I read a post that the P600 CISS could be used on the R3000 by swapping chips, so wondered if it would work the other way around?

The R3000 carts fit, but P600 chips (which we now have available at do not reset reliably before the ink is empty in the cartridge. We have molded a brand new design which we’ll release in the coming months. The new cartridge holds 3x the amount of ink needed to safely reset without getting air in the printer ink lines. That means you have 2 strikes before actually topping off the cartridge.

So, in short. If you are very vigilant, you can simply get a set of P600 chips and use them on your R3000 cartridges. But keep the carts topped off often. Check the levels often.


Thanks for the excellent write-up. Based on this, I’ll purchase the PK and MK chips for the P600 and only use them with my Piezoflush cartridges to see if I can clear the black channel/head. If it does clear, then I’ll order the CISS system for the P600 to use with CPP inks. One last question: Are the inks, specifically VM, VLM, Y, C, LC, LK, and LLK, the same between the K3 Vivid ConeColor Pro inks the same as the CCP HD inks for the P600? And only the PK and MK are upgraded to your new super-black formulas (which I could upgrade on my R3000 also)?

Just to let others know, the P600 chips worked on the refillable carts from the R3000. I was able to use my R3000 Piezoflush carts (MK & PK) with the P600 chips to flush out the lines and heads and get the printer back printing blacks. It took a week or two of patient printing black pages, cleanings, changing black inks, etc., but finally cleared.

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