Using QuadtoneRip with third party inks

I’ve recently started using QuadtoneRip and I’m noticing that prints made with my Stylus Pro 4800 with third party inks have a more visible dot pattern than on a P600 with Epson inks.

Would anyone think it would be a matter of profile? or could it be droplet size or printer?

Maybe Quadtonerip inherently prints with a more noticeable dot pattern?

Thanks in advance.


Dear Joe, the P600 has a much smaller dot then the 4800 so you will see this difference between P600 epson driver and 4800 QuadtoneRIP driver no matter the inks as long as those inks are K3 inks (three black). A 4800 running Piezo ink is less dotty however.


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Walker, Thanks for the response. That makes sense to me.