Using PiezoFlush on Epson P400

I’m new to this forum and PiezoFlush, I came here to fix the issues I’m having with clogs on my Epson P400. At times the printer will sit unused for several weeks, I believe that is the cause of the clogs. From what I have gleaned here, I should get the ACC-110 Flush Kit, that should clear the clogs on my small format printer. What I need help with is preventing future clogs. If I understand correctly, large format printers can use the PiezoFlush Preventative Maintenance Cleaning Kit to prevent clogs when storing the printer. But what about my P400, what do I do when it will be in storage for a few weeks? Will this same kit work, or is there something different that I have overlooked?

The best way to prevent clogs on this printer is to yes use the cleaning kit but also to keep the printer bagged (away from dust) and in a high humidity environment (40% to 60%) at all times.

Those two things with a cleaning every once and a while and you are good.