Using piezoflush on a epson p7000?

Hello! Is there any protocol yet to use the piezzoflush on an Epson P7000? The video for the 9900 and the 7880 was so helpful, but can’t find any ways to unlock the head on the 7000 to do a good job.

It will require the Software Maintenance Utility.

We will release a video on this when we start selling the cartridges in the next couple of weeks.

As of yet all refill carts currently on the market leak air so wait a bit until we come out with ours. We re-designed the air sealing system of the cartridges.

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Thanks for your answer! :slight_smile:

We are currently still using epson cartridges here, but I’m using the Piezoflush for manual print cleaning only not for cartridges cleaning. If the procedure is not that complicated, do you think I could clean the printers using the software maintenance utility without waiting for the new video?

Ha ve a nice day!!

We’ll publish the video right when we start selling the cartridges.