Using 4900 Epson ink to refill 9880 inkjetmall carts

Hi there,

I am using the Inkjetmall carts for colour ink for my Epson 9880, and I would like to know a couple of things:

  • Are Cone Pro inks “mixable” with Epson inks? In other words, can we use them both as if it were the same kind?

  • We have a number of carts of Epson 4900 and 9900 inks, and we would like to know whether we can open them with care, cut the inner bag with a scissor and use the ink inside to refill our carts for the 9880. Obviously, only using the common colours… We have a good stock of 4900 and 9900 carts half filled, and it is obviously interesting for us to use that ink inside to refill the 9880 inkjetmall carts as they go down. Any problem in performing this, either for the printing or for the health of the printer?

  • According to Epson, Epson inks go stale after 6 months (!). Assuming the inks are properly shaken every week, is there any real concern about the expiring date? Profiles are custom made for the printer, anyway…

Thanks so much in advance for your input!



They should not mix in the cart, but it’s fine for them to mix in the ink line and on the paper. They are very similar.

Sure. We sell our carts for this because often the Epson carts will malfunction and users need to suck the ink out and keep printing. Use our 60mL syringes with the Priming tips to suck the ink out safely. A quick google search for those (with “InkjetMall” in the query) will show the products.

They will last longer. This is the safe sale-by date, not use-by date.