Using 3800 ink in Epson P400


Since refillable carts for my P400 can use any Cone ink, can I fill them with the unused
R3800 Cone K3 ink I purchased last year? I would mix equal magenta and yellow to get the orange and use Epson OEM GO if so and profile my printer with my ColorMunki Photo for individual papers. I could run a PF cleaning preliminarily to conversion.
Also, I wonder if I am the only one having so much difficulty feeding fine art paper into the rear feeder.


Every ConeColor ink that we produce but for one will work in your P400 (we’ve tested this). We are still certifying magenta. This is the hardest ink to certify for 1.5 picoliter nozzles (the P400) and may require a re-formulation only for this printer (the 1430 and others work fine with magenta). So I would say, yes, go for it. Just use the Epson HG2 Magenta for now. (interestingly the HG2 magenta is much closer to light magenta than normal full strength magenta.) ps: Our GCO is much better than Epson’s gloss optimizer. It works in the P400.