Using 3800 chips in a 3880?

I need clarification on inks for these 2 printers, because I’ve found conflicting information.

I read that the Epson inks for a 3800 would work in the 3880 with the exception of M, and LM.

I have a 3880 that I’m setting up for Piezo printing. I was given 8 Epson cartridges from a 3800 (Everything but M). These are in fact T580 inks. Since is showing the T580 inks for both printers including M and LM, I’m guessing they either made an update to the 3800 or the info about M & LM was errant.

Can I utilize the IC chips from these 3800 carts including the LM on a set of refillable carts to set up a 3880 on the new Piezo Pro?