Using 350ml cart on printer with 700ml carts

I received my cart and piezoflush to clear my clogged cyan nozzle in my 9890 to discover that I shouldn’t use a 350ml cart in a printer with 700ml carts. My guess is this is due to pressure issues. My question is can I use my 350ml cart for the flush with all other slots installed wit 700ml carts.
If i must use a 700ml to flush do you see any problems with me emptying my cyan cart to fill with piezoflush? And any recommendations to cleaning cart for replacing the ink with the flush solution.

After much testing/experimenting, I think it is actually ok to use different size carts in your printer- because Epson sells carts ranging from 150-700ml, and I don’t see anywhere that they specify all carts must be the same size/capacity.

To flush one channel, you can use out workflow for ptinting thru QuadTone RIP’s calibration mode, here:
Or, if you’re using color and don’t want to install or mess with QTR, then you will need to do several paired power clean cycles.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: