Use of Cone inks for 3880 in the P800

Hello, It might be a strange question however … It looks like trusted Epson 3880 is getting crazy (errors first 150C and now 1120 and 1135) so it is possible that I will have to switch to the Epson P800. I still have a big stock recently refreshed of the Cone inks for the 3880. In case of a switch to the P800 can I still use them or shall I really switch all of the inks to the new P800 set …

The inks are compatible with the P800 and the cart dimensions are too. The chips are the problem.

If you have never put third party chips in your printer, you can get a set of P800 third party chips on the open market and they will work for 1 time and that’s it. Currently, all SureColor printers only take one time chips because the printer requires unique serial numbers for every new cartridge. So right now, there is only 1 set of serial numbers available on the market. We’re investigating this intensely like we do, but for now, your solution is only partial.


Thank you kindly Walker. I think that the third party cartridge chips issue concerns for the moment just the US and not Europa so I might be spared :slight_smile:

Yes. P800 is EU is WORKING!

You can simply get a set of P800 chips that fit onto your existing 3880 carts. The 3880 carts will fit into the P800 printer.


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