Use of a toner to alter print hue

Dear All
I’m using Piezo K7 Neutral (NU) inks in an Epson 3880 (Mac), but wish to reduce or counteract some of the greenish tint I’m getting when printing on glossy (e.g. Canson Platine). It seems that one approach is to free up an ink slot by going to K6, and to use the free slot to incorporate a toner ink (somehow). However, I can’t find documentation of this and am not sure if I’ll be burned at the stake for thinking this way. I think Selenium ink will balance out some of the greenish hue.

Would the following work? Use K6 NU (K6-NU-HDPK-CanPlatine.quad). Put Selenium Shade 4 in the now available Yellow slot, map appropriately and linearize a new quad using HDPK, NU#2, NU#3, SEL#4, NU#5, NU#6. Print in PrintTool using Curve 1 as the K6-NU-… quad, and Curve 2 as the new .quad that incorporates SEL#4 instead of NU#4.

Any thoughts or ideas please? Thanks!

Hey. No burning at stake at all!

I’ve done things like this in the past myself before I worked here. Yes, use the K6 curves found in the Curves-HD of the most recent folder and put toner in your Yellow channel. Can’t say what will work for toner exactly as I did this with Or, LC, and LM back in the day (with a 10 channel printer) but if you are using matte only you could do LC in the Y channel and LM in the LLK channel.

As this is a small format printer, I suggest taking the GO out and simply spray glossing. This would give you the 2 toner axis and then you would not have to mix your own toner.

I think @RichardBoutwell can help you with the rest. He’s doing this type of stuff with K6 neutral.