US SC-P800 refillable solution is now available!

Hey everyone. We now have a solution to the P800 lockout of refillable ink cartridges on the US models.


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Here’s the product:

Full instructional video and PDF are included.

You can use your existing 3800/3880 cartridges and ink without replacing any chips. A full set of ICC profiles are being produced and will be available by next week.

Stay tuned for Friday’s sales on this!

best and cheers!

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Hi Walker - I’m just checking to see that Epson’s not further fiddled with your work around and locked us out? My 3880 has died, and I read that I can use the carts and ink. So the board you are selling makes great sense I think. Again I’m just checking that new machines are still able to use the board… please.


Yep, the new board works perfectly with all current P800 US model printers and 38xx refill carts from us.


Hello Walter,

We have two p800 at our college now, one more than a year old and one brand new. They’re both working fine. When the new one arrived, I noticed the effect of more recent firmware: a nozzle check now shows ink color name abbreviations under the test patterns, and the patterns themselves are much stronger than the earlier printer produces. This is a nice change, although I’m still waiting for Epson to restore the useful ink consumption numbers that appeared on our nozzle checks from 38xx printers. Do you know how to access a report of total ink consumed with these printers?

I would be tempted to upgrade the firmware on the earlier p800, except that I’ve read here that doing so may raise problems, if we should ever start using IJM inks with your external board. Can you comment?

Also, does resetting any single cartridge 30 times disable the board? Or does it stop working only after every one of the nine carts has been re-set 30 times?

I was under the impression that a recent court case involving HP printers vs. end users wanting to use non-OEM inks (HP lost), meant that Epson also would be forced to allow the use of inks other than their own. Perhaps they’ll eventually comply, by releasing…what?..a whole new printer, of course! My hope for a revised firmware for P800’s are dim. Have you heard anything that might offer hope?

Happy to hear comments from any users of these scP800 printers. How does roll printing work out with them?

Oops. Just read the instructions for the circuit board. This makes it clear that we need to top off ALL carts when one reads “empty” in order to get the most use out of the board.

Since the printers I run get at least one treatment a year with Piezoflush (they’re stored with PF carts in place when students are away) I need to count those insertions as well.

Should be fine with this board. You can also downgrade the firmware on this printer using the WicReset utility if need be.

It does not disable the board, it just switches back to #1 at which point the board will work on another P800. At this point (several years out) we will either have a secondary board or actual chips (most likely chips) for the P800.

The should be forced to under US consumer laws today, just nobody (no consumer) has sued them. The HP case is tide up right now due to technicalities as well . . .

Roll printing is a bit skimpier than 4900/4880 style printers but in general works really well. Others can comment here who use more rolls on this model . . .


Thanks for all this!