Upgrading operating system

We are always careful when upgrading operating systems. Previous warnings have prevented problems.

Currently using Mac OS X 12.6.1. PS 2024 recommends using Mac OS X 13.4.0.

We print with Print Tool and use Cone Pro BW on Epson 9880.

While we do not use PS extensively, and not lusting after some of the new capabilities…and content with what we are printing now…should we consider upgrading to 13.4.0, and if so, are here risks to our now stable workflow?

Perhaps we should consider the upgrade, because, at some point, we be required to do so.


Putney, Vermont

Dear John, I suggest keeping it on 12.6 as long as possible until some of the kinks can be worked out in 14 which is dropping this week. MacOS 13 has been a headache because it does not honor “last used settings”

If you have an old imac or mac-mini that you can run quadtoneRIP and PrintTool on and use this as your layout and output computer (with screen sharing) and never update it, that is what I recommend. This way you are free to update your local imaging computer so Photoshop can remain happy.

warmest regards

Thanks for the quick response…and, yes, will will keep 12.6 for now, and stay tuned for future developments with next operating system.