Upgrading 9880 K7 Warm Neutral Black to Ultra HD Matte Black

I’d like to replace the K7 Warm Neutral Black with the Ultra HD Matte Black on a 9880. Two questions, please:

  1. I have a never-used T6041 Black cartridge. Can I simply fill it with the Ultra HD ink and replace the T6128 Matte Black cartridge currently in the printer? (I would then re-linearize the printer with StudioPrint. Eventually, I’ll move on to QuadToneRip, if that matters.)

  2. Please provide a link to video on refilling these cartridges. I’m sorry, but I looked all over InkJetMall.com and didn’t find them.

Thank you!


You’ll want a fresh cartridge (or clean your PK cart well with distilled and let dry a bit) but use the old chip (PK) from the old cartridge so your printer doesn’t give you a “wrong black ink error.” Then fill w/ the UHD ink.

Videos here: https://shop.inkjetmall.com/About/Videos/
Cartridge pdf: https://shop.inkjetmall.com/c.362672/site/techdocs/7800_9800_7880_9880_Fill_Instructions.pdf