Upgrade to Matte and Photo Black HD inks

I am using the Epson 7900 with Selenium K7 installed, and I would like to flush the previous, non-HK matte and photo black inks by skipping Piezoflush and replace with K7 HD matte and photo black. Does anyone know how many A4 or A3 page will need to be used to flush each channel in 100% calibration mode? Many thanks!

use a roll of paper (24"x90"). I use canon bond paper because it’s cheap.


As a point of reference: I converted a 7900 to Piezography Pro ink and cleared the color inks using PiezoFlush and 3 INIT FILL procedures. Then to clear the PiezoFlush when I loaded the new Pro inks, it took me (5) 24"x30" prints in calibration mode at 100% (on cheap HP Bond roll paper) to fully eliminate the pink staining in the lighter shades. I can’t remember how many prints it took for the darker shades, but it was probably less.


Hi Walker,

Thank you very much for the info, and I will try it.


Hi Dave,

Thanks and I guess you are right about the darker shades might be less. Walker suggests 24" x 90" (which is roughly 2 sheets less than 5 sheets to fully eliminate the pink staining in the lighter shades), I am going to try 90" length, it might be enough for upgrading the old black inks to HD black inks.