Updated Terms of Service: Please read



Dear Community Members. I have updated this forum’s terms of service.

I have specifically added this under post content conditions (section 2 of the TOS):

The Content does not solicit the sale, or attempt to sell, any ink or ink accessory products created by Vermont Photo Inkjet LLC or any other ink vendor, maker, seller, or ink company or commercial/non-commercial ink entity of any kind. Used printer sales listings are allowed.;

It has been a long-standing policy that ink sales on this forum are not allowed. Posts that solicit the sale of ink will and have been taken down promptly. The free printers for sale category has been a particular hot-spot for ink sellers even though the about this category pinned post explicitly does not allow ink sales.

I am now making this very clear.

If you have a printer loaded with ink (and a few carts on the side) that you would like to list for sale or for free, please do so in the free printers for sale category. If you are simply trying to sell your un-used ink or cartridges (be it by us or by epson or any other ink company) you can’t use this forum to do it. Sell it somewhere else.

This forum exists to help our customers with their printers and our products, not to sell our products in the used (un-validated) market.

best regards,
Walker Blackwell (forum admin)