Unrecognized cartridges message - 3880 Printer

I think my PK replacement cartridge is faulty because I often get a flashing unrecognized cartridges message when filling my ink cartridges.
Fiddling with the PK cartridge, seems to fix the problem. But this is time consuming and often takes numerous removals and reinserts. So far I have always got the printer to work - but who knows if that will last.
I have an extra Cyan replacement cartridge.
Can I place a PK OEM chip in it?
Is there an easier way to diagnose my problem and fix it?

I think what you need to do is tape over the back of the control chip (where you see the silver solder points). The tape should hold the back of the control chip DOWN and this will properly align the control chip with the internal sensor in the printer.

But yes, if you use the C cart and just put the PK OEM and PK Control chip in it, it will work as well. You may still need to tape the back of the control chip down a bit.


Thank you for replying so quickly.
Will be nice if I can get the unrecognized cartridges problem fixed.

  • Borys

Hi, in my 3800 I have a problem with one cartridge not being read correctly. (as you have)
I have found that the chip reader (inside the printer) are moving a little bit. (when inserting a cartridge)
The reader are not fixed in position. I have dismantled the plastic cover, (on the Epson 3800) and when I do refilling, I push the chip reader (very easy with a small screwdriver) towards the “faulty” cartridge.
I haven’t looked for a permanent solution, the machine is not pretty. It works for me.
There are chip reader spares to buy, but takes a lot of time to replace.

Try the tape first. (to get the chip flat) If it would do the trick.
Regards David