Unclogging one color


it says in the directions to have enough ink in your ink cartridges before you start a piezo flush. How much is enough? I have 7% in one of my cartridges, is that enough?
Also, do you have to replug (orange plug) the cartridge after filling it with piezo flush?


I see you bought a single MK cartridge and PiezoFlush for your 7890/9890 or 7900/9900 printer model. Is your MK channel totally blocked/not printing, or is most of the channel printing, but some nozzles are missing? With only 7% in one of your carts, your printer won’t let you do an initial fill cycle, which is our recommended method for flushing one or more lines.

After filling the refill cart, you must securely replug the fill hole, then remove the orange plug from the air inlet point and prime the exit channel following our cartridge instructions.

Please let me know the status of your MK channel before continuing.
Thanks~ Dana


Ok now all my ink cartridges are full and I tried to insert the piezo flush cartridge in the Magenta space but it doesn’t like it. When I close it up it gives me a flashing red X over VM on the display. I’m a little confused because the empty cartridge you sent me has a sticker on it that says “matt black”??? I filled it with the Piezo Flush and am trying to put it in the Magenta spot. What the heck am I doing wrong? Is there a special way to put the cartridge in? Thanks!

I just realized you have to have the correct chip for each cart, I didn’t know that! I guess I thought the chip code on the blank cart I bought would work on any of them? Can you send me a Vivid Magenta chip so I can change it out?


As you bought an MK cartridge and not a VM cartridge, you will need to purchase just the VM chip here: http://shop.inkjetmall.com/Spare-Reset-Chip-for-our-x890-and-x900-cart-Vivid-Magenta.html and put it on the MK cartridge that you have.

Make sure that the new chip is seated correctly. You may need to tape the back down so that it doesn’t wiggle as the cartridge goes into the VM slot in the printer. This will get you up and running with the flush in your VM slot.



I got the chip on and it worked fine. I let the PF sit 48 hours and did a couple of regular cleanings and the magenta still doesn’t work. The same lines are missing, no change. I did a couple more pair cleaning with no luck. Now I am too low on MK to do another intial flush. I’m not sure if I want to spend more $ on another ink cartridge or give up? Any ideas? I only print on Presentation Matte paper in full color.


This printer model has many more problems than just clogging of channels. If a full channel is gone (and that channel went slowly usually with missing nozzles from the middle of the nozzle check going outwards) this is often (mostly) a sign of a burned out channel. This and other forums that deal with the Epson x900 series printers are full of the same story.

Earlier in this thread I asked how many nozzles were firing in your MK (as we did not know yet that it was your VM channel) to determine if it was even advisable/possible to regain the nozzles that are not firing. Although I did not hear your response on that, I should have asked again. Sorry.

Generally on the x900x890 series printers, PiezoFlush will not be a magic cure-all that it is on x880 printers because the problems with the new printers are more inherent to the the head and cleaning assembly design as apposed to just clogged nozzles. That isn’t to say that I haven’t brought back nearly a dozen of the x890x900 series printers [I]from the dead[/I] with PiezoFlush. But this resuscitation process was always performed on printers that were printing fine and then sat for nearly a year and only had dried ink/pigment to get rid of. If a print-head fails during frequent use, this is a sign of other parts failing. PiezoFlush is best used as a preventative (i.e.: putting a printer in PiezoFlush before a year long sit) or as a bring-back-from-dead after a printer has been let to dry. It will not fix mechanical issues that only appear to be clog related.

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