Unclogging an Epson 4880


I am trying to resurrect a clogged Epson 4880.

First I installed a set of cartridges filled with PiezoFlush (cartridges were primed and air vents opened).
Then I disassembled the head and cleaned it with PiezoFlush (soaking + reverse flush). The red liquid did its magic and I was able to get a full stream on all channels.
Before reinstalling the head, I filled the ink lines and dampers with PiezoFlush. I then put the head back.
So, I had PiezoFlush all the way from cartridge to head.
I used QTR calibration mode to flush the channels.
It started printing (I though I had won the war!) but then the ink faded until it disappeared. Another print returned a blank page, no ink on the paper.
I did a power cleaning. I expected to see a lot of ink in the maintenance tank but just a few ended up there. Still no ink when printing with QTR.

What else can I do?
Can it be the pump that is dead?
Or is it the printer that is really dead?

Thank you

You also needed to replace the dampers. The screen filter in that damper is full. It’s important to replace dampers every 2-3 yrs.

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Thank you Walker for your response.

I was able to get 2 spare dampers. After installing them, still nothing when printing with QTR.

I think I have reach the end of my rope with this printer. It has been only trouble since day 1.
And I am also done with all the “pro” printers (x880, x900…). So I am considering the P800, since the chipless firmware makes it usable with Cone ink.
Do you think the P800 is more reliable regarding clogging, like the “consumer” 3880 ? (My 3880 never clogs. Never).
Also, do you know if the new P900 will be usable with Cone ink?

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The P800 is the same quality as the 3880 or even better because it has better dampers. Yeah, these are/where the best designed printers of any printer manufacturer ever IMO. Kinda crazy that EPSON of all companies did it considering their dicey track-record of reliability in all other models. But the P800 is a champ.

It’s gonna be a few yrs until we can get ink into the P900 though. Epson does not make it easy.

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“It’s gonna be a few yrs until we can get ink into the P900 though.”
That’s the word I got from Jon and since it the P900 won’t even begin shipping for a couple of months (from what I’ve been reading) so reverse engineering won’t star until they do. Look at how long it took to come out with carts and inks for the 800 which was released in 2015 IIRC.
I’ve made the decision to move on from my 4800 for color work for the same reasons above and picked up a P800 since they have a rebate going along with another set of inks to last until the P900 comes out. I also pre ordered the 900 (along with a spare set of inks) and an intend to convert the 800 to Piezography Pro (replacing my 2nd 4800) when the 900 comes in , hopefully by August.

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“It’s gonna be a few yrs until we can get ink into the P900 though. Epson does not make it easy” suggests that QTR will drive the P900. Does Roy think this? He never got it to work with the 10K or 20K as I understand it, and they have a similar arrangement with both blacks permanently available and extra inks beyond CMYK. Given this, it’s not immediately obvious that it will drive the P900.

I have an updated driver kept in the wings for such an occasion if QTR becomes abandoned for newer printers. I would like to NOT do that but there’s a good chance that QTR won’t work in newer MacOSs anyway so either way change is in the wind.