Unable to rename Quad curve after relinearising, Windows 10, 3880

O.K. I must have overlooked something here…I can print measure and relinearise a Quad curve ( eg x880-x890 or 3800-3880 MPS Type 5 ) and save it with the -lin suffix. It shows in the Quad 3880-K7 folder and also in the QTR printing curves folder.
The problem is that if I change ANYTHING in the name, ( even if not “memorable” as per the Deluxe edition instructions ) QTR states that no files exists and so won’t print correctly.
So…how do I create a new name for the new curve?



As long as the name is not too long (less than 33 characters) and ends in “.quad” and doesn’t have spaces or other weird characters, it should be fine. Also set permissions on the file to read-write and make sure the file is in the curve folder and not just an alias.


O.K. gotcha. I had spaces between the letters- too many late nights over Christmas and New Year!