Type 5 Paper with K7 cracking effect

I’m getting this bizarre cracking effect on a new pack of Type 5 Paper using K7 selenium glossy. It’s not happening on Museo Silver Rag. This example has the GO layer applied.

What curve are you using to print with? What GO curve also? How long are you letting the print dry before over-glossing?


I warm air blow dry the prints for 5 minutes before overprinting the GO layer.

I just finished a box of 50 Type5 where it wasn’t happening, opened a fresh box of 50 (emulsion #PS-JCS5-08-50) and it’s happened on 3 pages, pulled from different spots in the box. I ran a page of Museo Silver Rag and it came out with no cracking.

Much obliged!


Hmm, I need to do a batch check. I recommend letting sit for longer too. We typically let ours dry overnight. But it’s certainly an issue.

Will get back to you

Thank you, I appreciate that. On further test prints, it’s apparent on the print before running it through the GO overpass. And I’ve also rechecked past prints on previous Type5 batches, none of which had this cracking. I think it’s a manufacturing error on this batch of paper or this specific pack.

Is this the A4 or 13x19 paper?

It’s 8.5x11 box of 50 type5

Ok, I’m getting one of these boxes in pronto so I can do a batch check.

Hold tight,

Thanks Walker, I appreciate it!

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Got a batch and tested. I see minor grain halos but same as T5 13x19.

I’m sending you another 8.5x11 box. It could have been heat damage on that one box.


Heat was what I was thinking as well, the paper comes pretty well sealed so I don’t imagine another kind of contamination. Here’s my address in case you need it

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Thanks Walker for taking the time to investigate!