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I’ve been struggling with type 5 24" roll stock printing on 7880’s using k7 carbon and selenium inksets. When printing large pano landscapes that have large areas of solid tones, that I would call fussy backgrounds, dark solid smooth skies, etc. I find small imperfections that look like faint fingerprints and or faint abrasion marks. I believe these marks on on the paper surface before getting printed. These imperfections are not really visible before printing because they’re too faint. The paper is handled very carefully before feeding into printer. I know if I intentionally leave a fingerprint or a faint abrasion on the surface before printing that it can appear in these fussy type of backgrounds but I’m seeing this even with the roll still loaded in the printer and the surface is not being touched either with hands or any other surfaces. I can observe the paper feeding directly into roller entrance without any contact with any other surface. it’s almost like the paper has been handled before but it’s virtually impossible to detect this until the ink is applied. I can see these imperfections after paper exits and will still be visible even after the GLOP pass. Any suggestions on how to try to achieve a flawless print surface on the 1st print? Other types of image content will not easily exhibit these small imperfections but certain subjects are really problematic . At my price point, for the display market, I can’t afford to remake several or more times in order to deliver a flawless print. Is there some other baryta gloss paper that is far less surface sensitive? Some of the other paper’s that I’ve tried are not as perfect as Type 5 is with gloss differential and lack of bronzing. One example is HPRB seems to be a bit less sensitive but not nearly as good with gloss finish, even with additional GLOP load so I would deem that to be a lower standard than type 5. But I haven’t tried everything out there. Any suggestions as to an alternate or some procedure to overcome high sensitivity to surface imperfections with Type 5?



Hi Mark~

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing marks in your prints on Type 5 paper, and would appreciate if you could mail me a few samples to review to get a better understanding of what is happening, so I can resole this for you and report to the manufacturer if needed. All glossy paper surfaces are fragile, and marks on the paper can be noticeable after printing, so extra care should be taken when handling gloss media, and prints, as well as printer cleanliness. Having said this- I have made many incredible Piezography prints on 44" Type 5 paper, so it’s certainly possible, and I’m here to help you experience the same results in your studio.

In our studio, I have raised the top metal cover of all our printers to prevent paper from scuffing this ridge before entering the printer, which I noticed can be an issue- especially when feeding a print to be GO coated. I have printed on and evaluated MANY papers from a range of popular manufacturers including Canson, Hahnemuhle, Epson, Innova, Inkpress, etc… and am happy to share my findings about the papers I have tested, and am always open to suggestions of papers to try/test that you may like or be interested in.

Please send a few samples to me at the address below, showing the issues you’re experiencing so I can review them and have a clearer understanding of what you’re experiencing, in order to move forward and help resolve this for you.
I will be awaiting your samples, and let you know as soon as I have received/reviewed them.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

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Thanks Dana,

Out of town right now but will send some representative samples will I get back in a couple of weeks. Can I assume that , in your experience, type 5 is now more surface sensitive than other baryta type glossy papers that you use before 2nd pass gloss coat?



You’re very welcome Mark, we’re always here to help our customers! In my experience of testing a wide range of papers, is that all glossy papers are fragile and should be handled with care. I would say that Type 5 is not better or worse in regards to surface sensitivity, and I have certainly printed on other glossy papers that are far more delicate.

I will await your samples and let you know as soon as I have reviewed them.
Thanks and have a great day~ Dana :slight_smile: