TWO FREE Epson Stylus Photo R3000 printers for parts or restoration - many extras

I had been using 2 used Epson R3000 printers for the past several years, using refillable cartridges and ConeColor inks, and I had been attempting to maintain them by replacing parts (dampers) and following various maintenance videos for cleaning, etc. My intent was to use one for PK and one for MK black inks to avoid the black ink switching. My luck maintaining these printers ran out and I am no longer willing to spend the additional time or money to get them fully working again. They have not been heavily used as I have only been printing for photo club competitions or for family print sharing.

I know that a new ink supply system will likely be needed for one of the printers (leaking under the carts). The second printer is currently printing most channels successfully (LC and LVM are missing or marginal - air?). Mechanically and electronically, they are still in very good shape. They both have the external waste ink bottle installed. I have never needed to reset the waste counter. I have one set of extra large refillable cartridges (60ml) (kit from InkjetMall) and a normal size set of refillable cartridges. I also have some extra color ink and refill syringes.

These printers reside in Westford, Massachusetts and are for local pickup only. I do not have the original packing materials.

Please contact me if you have questions or want to see specific photos. I would really like to see these printers put back in service by someone who knows and understands what it takes to do so.