Turning off auto nozzle check when switching from MK to PK _ Epson 7890


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Is there a way to prevent the 7890 from doing the auto nozzle check right after a PK/MK ink change? I have this function shut off in Printer Setup, but the machine still does it right after the change(s). I have GO installed, and I don’t think it sees it so it just keeps cleaning away and eventually stops. I imagine this is consuming a fair amount of ink (I noticed that the PK bar dropped a few notches after my most recent switch).

Can I unplug the printer during the check? Any tricks?



I don’t know, and don’t recommend unplugging the printer while it’s doing a cleaning cycle or nozzle check.
I know you can disable the auto nozzle check and cleaning cycle in the Printer Setup window, and I don’t recall our x900’s doing auto nozzle checks after doing black ink change cycles (we have them set up with both color and Piezography inks). Yes, the printer will get confused with the clear GO, and even shade 7 because it’s so light, think those channels are clogged and try cleaning them, which is why we recommend not using auto nozzle checks when using Piezography inks.

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Yeah, I have the Auto Nozzle check off. But, the machine still does it right after the change. Frustrating…
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Does the printer have the latest firmware?


I updated it about 6 months ago. I’m not sure if it’s the latest. Good question.


It’s probably the latest if you updated it within the past 6 mo…


Hi Dana,
found the trick! If you shut off the printer right after the change, and then turn on- it won’t do the auto nozzle check with the first job sent (or with the standard nozzle check test print).
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Thanks for sharing!

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