Trying to keep my 9800 running

I’ve been running Cone inks in my 9800 for a long time, but I’ve been a little lax on maintenance. Haven’t ever replaced any dampers, just kept it clean and I’ve been lucky. Now I have a magenta ink line that is full of air bubbles, probably more air than ink, and I noticed that my Magenta cart, near the delivery end, was full of thick gooey magenta ink that had thickened.
So I’m thinking that I should replace the dampers, wiper, capping station and flushing box. And at least replace the Magenta cart.
Am I missing anything? Should I also do a complete piezoflush? I don’t have the carts, but I have been using Piezoflush for “spot” cleaning.
Or, should I just try to Piezoflush the Magenta channel?
And if so, should I flush before replacing dampers, or after?
Thanks for any advice! :slight_smile:

You can probably get away with putting a new cart in there that is full of PiezoFlush and then purging the line and letting the piezoflush sit for a while (48 to 72 hrs if you have the time) this will soften the ink enough to get it pretty much totally gone.

Use a fresh (third) cart for the new Magenta.

At this point it would not be a bad idea to replace the damper as well if you are not daunted by this task.

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Thank you, Walker. I’ve ordered a new damper from Compass Micro, and I’ll order the new cart and more PF.

Thanks very much,


Walker (not sure, this might be a Dana question), I am in the middle of replacing the pump capping station, and I just realized that the instructions say to replace the porous pad in the tray above the maintenance tank. Is this critical? I don’t have a new one, but I can order one if I really need it. The one in the machine is really gunked up. UPDATE I managed to rinse the original and it will work. Next time, though, it would save me a ton of time to just have a new one:-)

Thank you!

it’s not super critical but you should replace it eventually so your vacuum pump doesn’t get totally plugged.