Trouble with clearing two clogged heads

I have a 4800 running Cone Color. I hadn’t printed for a couple of months, but had run a couple of nozzle checks about a month ago. When I did my last nozck about a week ago I had two colors(C & M) not clearing.Since I had a set of Peizoflush carts, I decided that it was due for a good cleanout. I ran a pwr flush then a nozck. Perfect check, but I knew that was the ink already in the lines and had flush pushing it through. I ran a 2nd pwr flush and a 2nd nzck. At that point the 2 colors (C&M) were blank. I let the printer sit overnight and ran an SSCL and a 3rd nzck. All ines except the C&M show good checks. THE C&M are still blank. I moved the head(pwr off of course) to the left, and pulled the white flat cable enough to see that there was flush in all lines. I’m stumped as to why those two colors won’t fire. The flush carts that I have are the opaque ones so refilling will be tricky, I know. I originally got them to clean out a 2nd 4800 I have(bought off ebay) that had been sitting for months with the original epson inks in them. 3 pwr flushes and I put in a slpit selenium inkest and it works like a charm. I was sold on the peizoflush, but can’t understnd why I can’t get these last 2 lines uncloged.
I also want to bring up one other thing I found in the printer. Usually if I hadn’t printed for a couple weeks or so, I would place a paper towel damp with a 50-50 solution of simple green under the heads for a few minutes and then run a quick nzck & all except this last time, the check came out perfect & I could continue to print. This last time, when I moved the head back into postion, I noticed a small peice of flat, clear thin plastic about a 1 1/4" by 3/4" with what looks like a piece of materia(about 1/4" wide) extending about an inch off to one side laying on the tray. I took a cell phone shot to upload but it won’t upload.

Hi Keith~

How old is this 4800? Have you cleaned the capping station, wiper blade, flushing box and bottom of the head following our instructions (here:
Have the dampers, wiper blade, flushing box and/or cap pump assembly been replaced within the past few years?
It would be helpful if you could upload a photo showing the piece you’re talking about, so I can better know where it came from and if it’s an issue. You can find instructions for uploading images to this forum here:

Let me know so I can try to help you past this and back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

I tried the "Hold the Pause, Down and Right buttons while turning the printer on. The printer will start in “Maintenance Mode3”. But I get the message “Self Testing2”. How do I do an initial fill from this?
The part I mentioned is not critical. It came from the tray it’s self. The printer was bought new in 2006, but I’m not a heavy printer. The parts you mentioned have been cleaned. The pump works fine. I replaced the maintance tank prior to this and again today and it was full after I had done two power flushes. It actually read 40% on the last nozzle check read out so since I had planned to do this initial fill with the flush, I just cleaned it out again and reset everything.

Yesterday I cleaned out my ink carts and refilled them with flush, so I could see the flush. These will now be my new flush carts going forward. I plan on ordering new carts and more ink and flush.
Today(sunday) I ran an SSCL and a nozzle check. I now noticed 2 or 3 air bubbles in a couple of the lines. I have never seen these in the lines before this problem started. How do I take care of these? You mentioned changing the dampers and every forum I have read(of people that have had similar problems) say to change them, but no one explains how or post a procedure. Others mention clearing the lines by pulling ink through the lines, but again, no one explains how. Can you explain these procedures? Maybe post a youtube video.

Hi Keith~

To replace the dampers and/or other parts in your printer, you will need to get the Epson repair manual for your specific printer model, which you can find at We have a lot of experience and knowledge about Epson printers, but are not certified technicians, and do not provide instructions or support for printer repair, but help people by providing manual cleaning procedures and helpful maintenance tips we have learned over the years. We have a few replacement printer parts, but you can get just about any part you need from (tell them Dana from Inkjetmall sent you). As we explain on the maintenance page I directed you to, parts in your printer should be regularly cleaned, and replaced every few few years for the best function and longest life from your printer.

About how long are the air bubbles in your ink lines? Did you prime the cartridges exit channels prior to installing, and remove the air vent plugs for proper flow? A few tiny bubbles are typically not an issue, and will pass thru the lines, but if the air pockets are several inches long, you will need to do a few power clean cycles or an initial fill to purge the air.

I hope this helps.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

I ordered some dampers after I found out how to change them. I just hadn’t looked hard or long enough. Until they arrive, I’ll just leave the printer sit w/flush and spend time going over the replacement procedure. Anyway, back to my question from my 3rd post:
I tried the “Hold the Pause, Down and Right buttons while turning the printer on. The printer will start in “Maintenance Mode3”. But I get the message “Self Testing2”. How do I do an initial fill from this?
And the air bubbles I saw were maybe 1/4” or so, and very far apart.And yes, I primed the carts & removed the air vent plugs. I’m not too concerned about them at this point.

I’m glad you ordered the dampers, and researched how to replace them.
We no longer have a 4800 for me to check on, and got the Initial Fill procedures from various service manuals. “Self Testing2” may be the correct display for the printer in Maintenance Mode3- have you tried scrolling thru the menu to see if there’s a “Cleaning” option to select?

All the best~ Dana :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know that after I changed out the dampers(they finally arrived a week ago) and thoughly cleaned out the print head(back flush and “waterfall flush”) and reassembled everything. I now have a working printer again. My last nozzle check last night yielded a perfect test. I’m going to start getting the carts filled in soon and be back to printing in short order. Since I couldn’t find anything specific on cleaning(for replacing the ink) other than doing power flushes, I’ll have to do that to push the flush out and pull the ink in. I’ve only done the check with the Piezoflush but after the last one, I know it’s going to be printing like new again. The key thing I got out of all this was that changing the dampers makes a difference(I guess that 8 years is TOO long to not do this) and being patient in the procedure!

Excellent- I’m glad to hear your printer is back in good working condition after the damper replacement and print head flush! :slight_smile:

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana