Transporting carts

I have just moved my 1430 to another location. I took two sets of carts, one IJM Easyfills and another non-IJM set. I had put normal Scotch tape over the holes as none of them have plugs,or are large enough to take them. The IJM ones with their foam in the air inlet leaked less but they did leak. They were transported 500KM and leaked along the way. The mess when these things leak is a sight to behold.

The ink seems to leak under the Scotch tape. I’m wondering if another tape would stop the ink wicking, or if I need to keep the carts rigid in transit. They didn’t move much but obviously it was enough to cause chaos.

I blame that great big truck of yours! The coffee you were served en route would not have helped either.

The easy fills are hard to seal back up after opening, I have used Electrical tape on them and that kind of worked. I would suggest eliminating the possibility of leaking and sucking the ink out of the individual cartridges and storing it in tight container for each color. OR put each cartridge (with the air vent hole sealed with tape) into individual bags that zip shut to keep the mess contained. There is no fool proof method for transporting OR sealing the Easy-Fill cartridges, this is the best I can offer for advise.

Thanks Kelly. Brian suggested Blutac. Any thoughts on that. The ink seems to be able to escape with ease from the tape. I wonder if Houdini helped in the development. It also occurs to me that the reason that I am transporting the carts is that I am concerned that they will be left unshaken for a few weeks and settle. If I thought that a shake before use would get them going again then i could just leave them.

The coffee and Navara may well be contributing factors, perhaps even my driving. It may well have been pre-tremors before yesterday’s change of PM

I travel with my R2880 carts often and have had no problems. I assume that the EasyFill keys have a weaker seal where they attach to the printer, compared to “regular” refillables?
(I ask because I was considering picking up a used R260 for randomness, and would probably get EasyFill. But if they leak on transport…)

The Easyfills have a tiny air hole which is covered by tape when you get them. I had a set of another brand easy fills in the printer which didn’t leak. The printer is a lot more stable in a box in the back of my ute than the carts in ziploc bags in the car.

I just moved the carts again with Blutac over the small air holes. It worked without a single leak.