Transition to Piezography Pro


I have been using a K7 Selenium set on a 3880 for many years with HD matte and photo black. I still have large bottles of HD black ink and gloss overlay but need to replace most of the shades. I see that I can ( and possibly for the last time) replace the individual shades I require, but it looks like I will eventually be converting to the pro system so I’m thinking i might as well do it now.

#1 Will my HD matte and photoblack ink be compatible with the pro ink set?
#2 Will my Gloss Overlay be compatible with the pro ink set ?

Thank you


I switched to PP when it came out (i beleive it was '16) and IIRC the blacks are the same, however, the “Gloss Overlay” IS NOT! It is formulated to print as part of the printing, i.e. it is not run through as a second pass.

Ok Great! its too bad I wont be able to use the Gloss Overlay I have, but it s going to be a lot more convenient not to have to run the print through the printer twice.

Thanks for your help!