Transferring Piezo Inks from 9900 carts to 7880 carts and Shelf Life question

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As I have written on some other posts, I am currently in the process of converting a “new” 7880 printer for Piezo P2 for digital negs. Until now, I have (tried to) use a 9900 printer. The inks inside are also Selenium K7, and even if I do not have much of it on some carts, I would like to reuse them, if that is a good idea.

I have purchased new inks for the 7880, but I would like to know whether it might be possible to use big syringes that I got from you to extract the Piezo inks from the old 9900 carts, and then transfer it to the new 7880 carts. These inks were bought exactly 2 years ago, and were produced more or less in February to May 2018 by you guys. Should they still be in good shape, or could they have gone stale and play havoc if mixed with new fresh inks I just purchased this month? Obviously I would prefer not to waste them, but I would not like to run any risks. Please advice.

Otherwise, I have also two unopened bottles with Photo Black HD and Matt Black HD piezo pro inks that were never used, manufactured in February and May 2018. Is it safe to use these on the new printer, or their shelf life is limited?

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sorry for late reply, yeah, big syringes, extract, fill 7880 carts. That works.


Great. What about the shelf life of the opened and unopened ink from 2018?



Our ink lasts a very long time and the SEL is re-formulated and made up new.

Keep it bottled and turned every half year and you are good for years.