Top of 700ml bottle

Just got some new inks from you and noticed the top cap no longer has the very convenient rubber nipple. Its just a big wide open neck. Is this going to be the new normal? The ones with the nipples are so much “cleaner and easier” to use.

We started using a foil sealer and including silicone nipples separately because we found occasionally the nipple top didn’t seal tightly, especially in international shipping.

Did I just miss the nipple in the box?

Ditto. My last shipment (smaller bottles) had a mix of foil and nipple, and nothing in the box to convert foil to nipple. I was a little sceptical initially about the nipple version when I first saw them, but now I think that they seal better once opened. I had two of the newer bottles fall over recently after opening and I hadn’t noticed for a couple of days and there was a small amount of leakage. The flat cap doesn’t always seal that well with the foil gone.

I apologize, I misunderstood and thought the nipples were being included separately, but after talking with manufacturing, discovered they are not,. We are moving onto using the foil sealer, which provides a better seal, especially during shipping, but I believe we plan to offer the silicone nipples as an optional/recommended item, to provide a tight seal if the contents of the bottle aren’t used at once, and remaining ink needs to be stored in the bottle.

I’ll make sure I don’t throw my current ink nipples and matching lids away.

Me too. They are so handy.

I think that’s a good idea, and I’ll order a collection of them if they are available when I next order some inks.

Where are these new silicon nipples for these new bottles?

I smell a big mess on the way without them. Man, I hate those syringes and all the cleaning and dribbles out of them - plus the extra time needed to do it all. Transferring to the old bottles isn’t going well either (Another mess!).

Seems if the old style leaked, they could have put on a plastic rip-off seal shell like what comes with eye dropper bottles.


Hi Mack~

The silicone plugs look like a pour spout, and some people like to use them that way, though that wasn’t our intention. We recently started sealing bottle tops with an induction sealer, after experiencing a few bottles with silicone plugs leak during transit.
The silicone plugs are helpful for sealing bottles after opening, if the contents aren’t used all at once. I believe we plan to have the silicone nipples available separately, so people can purchase them to seal ink bottles after opening the foil seal, but I am checking to see the status of offering the plugs (I don’t yet see them listed on our website to order). The bottles themselves haven’t changed, and if you have silicone plugs from previous bottles, they can be rinsed and used in your new bottles (as well as future bottles).

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana


On the bottle switch and leaks, the new ones without the old silicon nipples leak too!

Got my shipment late tonight (FedEx runs until 8PM) and soon as I opened it I noticed black ink on my hands and on the small baggies and bubble wrap. Seems the flat top (new style) leaked out of its baggie onto the rest. All others, even some with the silicon nipples) were okay and sealed, but the Matte Black was a mess. I went to the syringe and got most ink back out of the zip lock and washed off the bottle to see it was the Matte Black that leaked.

Don’t know about the new style either as its seal isn’t working well either. Due to the odd tracking shown for the order by FedEx, it had to go air at some time from NC to CA in one day as it got routed to NM and back east to NC (??) where it got shipped by air instead of ground so maybe the cargo air pressure blew it?


Yikes, I’m sorry to hear you experienced a leaky bottle! I will notify manufacturing about the leaky bottle you received.
My understanding is we switched to foil sealing after experiencing some plugged bottles that leaked in shipping, and feel the new sealing method has been working much better for transporting new bottles. About how much ink leaked from your MK bottle? Are the other bottles ok (other than some MK ink on the outside)?

Please let me know. Sorry again that you experienced a leaky ink bottle.

Best regards~ Dana

I don’t know. I think I got most of it sucking it up with the syringe, but some did escape the small zip-lock bag and got on the outsides of the others and inside the bubble wrap. The bubble wrap was very tight too and I wondered if it being tight and stuffed into the small box was too much? Or maybe it didn’t like the airplane ride since it took an alternate route (East to West. Back to East (Opps!). Air ship East to West? Dunno, but it was just the MK that decided to go for a walk about, all the others survived. Most of the wet ink washed off the green and white label with water too so it didn’t look too stained for all the mess.

The new bottles seem to have different caps: White and a clear? The color ones still had the old-style rubber nipples and were okay.


Thanks for the additional information Mack.

I’m glad it wasn’t a huge mess, but sorry you had to deal with any mess at all.
Yes, it may have been the extended air travel that caused the bottle seal to break, or the pressure may have ruptured a thin part of the seal.

I’m not sure about white and clear caps- are you saying you received both tops on the foil sealed bottles, or clear on the silicone nipple bottles, and white on the foil sealed?

Best regards and happy New Year~ Dana :slight_smile:


The different color caps are on the “allegedly” foil-sealed newer ones that leaked. Most all of the newer caps are on the black of the pigment ink set recently ordered. I don’t know which blacks ones as they are filed away now in baggies.

The nippled ones are all the clear type as old and were on all of the colored inks (Yellow, Magentas, Cyans.).

Just the MK black was the messy one that leaked badly.

Fwiw, I get a lot of dry-eye eyedrops in those nipple dropper bottles and they are sealed with tear-off shrink tape at the cap to bottle joint. Pain to remove, but none have ever leaked - so far.


Thanks for the additional information Mack. I will pass this onto manufacturing.

Best~ Dana