Toning is not the same on small picture vs big size

I am quite new at printing with piézo pro but i always made a test on A4 before going on large size.
Having manage to get a split tone that is good for me on a A4, when printing the same image with the same spli tone on a A0, the tone is not as warm as on the A4.
Any isea why ?

  1. Print both prints at the same time on same printer and validate all your settings were the same.
  2. Place both prints upside down and side-by-side on a viewing wall and standing back.

Most likely they will be same tone. I get this question a lot from people and it’s generally due to viewing angle/light differences between proof and large print.


Did you make the smaller workprint and the larger final print on the same day? We’re advised that piezo prints ‘dry down’ (like darkroom prints) when the ink has had time to dry. This certainly affects density and might also affect tone?


Thank you thompsonkirk, no not the same day, i will check that idea.