Thoroughly confused about new/old/redundant/etc curves

Hi Piezo Team

I have a load of different curves loaded on QTR - trying to cover many different types of paper/inks/combinations - received over the years since changing to P inks. By now I’m confused about what’s new, old, being updated, been junked…
Is it possible to get a clean set of the latest curves for my 3880 that encompasses all the latest and current inks, a cross ref table with any information about what other papers they may be compatible with, and which of the older curves can be deleted as a result, plus a time table for any future updates/deliverables.
This housekeeping will be very useful and informative, let alone entirely necessary for producing top quality reproduce-able prints.
There are many examples to show why this is so important to clear up. For example, I’m currently printing in K7-WN inks on a 3880 on JCS5. I normally use the following curve: 3880-WN-SEL-NU-JCS5. Following today downloading what has been indicated are the latest curves, I can now select K7-NU-Type5. Which curve would be closer to my specific requirement?
BTW - a standard naming convention across all curves would also be useful.
Hopeful about receiving this soonish!
Thanks in advance.

We are working on it and this archive and house-cleaning effort is what will be released in beta form on the relaunched Piezography website.

Then these curves will be updated continually, (and dated with their creation dates). There are many hundreds of curves out there that need to be updated, renamed, organized, etc.

Long story short, try both curves and see what is best. The WN-SL curve was built to work with [I]both[/I] Warm Neutral and Sel (aka, it was validated on both machines). The NU curve is newer but was only built and validated on Neutral but the curves all work pretty well on all the different inksets.

We will publish a guide/schema to curve names.


Great thanks Walker