This thing broke under the paper cassette - Epson 4900

Here’s one that is not covered in the Epson service manual for the 4900.

It’s not an issue at this time (no paper jam errors or anything like that), but it’s still a curious situation that I’d like to fix.

While removing my paper cassette on my Epson 4900, one of the two, round “hockey puck” holders which are attached to the metal base of the printer and reside under the paper cassette, fell off…spring and all.

I still have the “hockey puck” and the spring. The other “hockey puck” holder is still attached to the metal base and is functioning OK. The paper cassette can be removed and replaced, but ever so slowly as to not screw up anything else.

My question is…how does the “hockey puck” and spring go back on? Again, the service manual has nothing on this. I could not find anything on YouTube either. Any thoughts? tricks?

Thanks in advance,

From my memory on this, I think the back unit (holder and all) comes as a single piece if you buy it as a replacement. So Epson has not gone into detail on how to replace individual sections of it.

Your guess is as good as mine at the moment.

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Thanks Walker. I will try Epson customer service and hope for the best. If I get an answer or figure it out I’ll let you know.

Ted B.