The Piezography manual won't open

I’m setting up a new printer to use with the Pro inkset as soon as it becomes available. I’ve downloaded QTR and the Community package, but I’m unable to open the Piezography Manual PDF. All other files in the folder are present and accounted for – Curves, icc profiles, targets, etc. The Manual file appears in the package and has volume of 33MB, but won’t open. I’ve tried both the latest version of Acrobat Reader, and also Preview. When I drag the PDF into Acrobat Reader, I get the message “There was a error opening this document. This file cannot be found.” Preview says it can’t open the file because I don’t have permission to view it, but when use Get Info, I see that the file (not just an Alias) is present and I do have permission to read it. So how do I access the manual??

Thx for advice,


SOLVED: Downloaded on a different computer system. :slight_smile: