The NEW Piezography Manual

In 2016 we released a new version of this manual and it is now continually updated and edited. The manual and curve archives are available in the Piezography Community Edition.

Hi Jon,

I have MAC OSX 10.8 and print my (2.2) grayscale images in Quadtone RIP via the Preview app. There i can choose to pick the quadtone rip driver in the Color Matching tab. Prints come out of the printer beautifully. So why should i use the new print tool?

Well you are using the internal CM of Mac OSX through its own application - and it looks to be working for you. We did not test to see the interference of the Mac OSX on Preview or it’s own Aperture, or iPhoto. We only tested through the Adobe applications because they have been such the standard in color management photography (and fine art for that matter). And we did document changes to grayscale and color images taking place in differing ways since 10.5 was released. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!