The Chips are Down

Good Afternoon, and Thank You in advance for your assistance with this issue.

I searched for similar problems prior to posting this question but didn’t find an answer.

We recently ordered 4 sets of re-settable chips from you. However, I’m installing them into refillable cartridges that we had previously purchased from a different source.

I called in and spoke with Wells. During our phone conversation he mentioned that could possibly be the reason that I’m having the “Set Cartridge” error messages but recommended that I sign up on the Forum and ask the experts.

This morning I removed the original (1st set) of chips from the cartridges and installed the 2nd set. The Photo Black worked and reads full but the other 7 cartridges are reading “Invalid ink Cartridge”. I also installed the chip that was in the Cyan Cart. into an original Epson Cart. just to see if it would read in case there is a size difference but got the same “Invalid Ink Cartridge” error message.

I also haven’t had any luck with the chip re-setter… I know the chips are supposed to read full when they’re new but I did try to reset a couple of them after I was getting the “Set ink Cartridge” error and couldn’t get it to work… No lights flashing at all… I did find a post that mentions how to re-set it but this re-setter doesn’t have any screw to remove. Does it just pry apart???

I tried to post a pic of the refillable cart. that I have but got an error message too… Is there a size limit???

Any help would really be appreciated.


Should I just keep trying, and replacing the chips until I’ve used all 4 sets???

Then What???

Please clarify which printer model you’re using (4800 or 4880).
Based on your purchase history, I see you ordered 4800 model PK chips, but all other colors are 4880 model chips.
If you’re using a 4800 printer model, this would explain why the printer only recognizes the PK.

The screws are located under the label on the chip resetter.

Thanks~ Dana

That would explain it… Our printer is a 4800 Model… I’d like to exchange the incorrect chips and can the opened pkg.'s still be exchanged also or are we at a loss with those??? Please advise, and Thank You…

As per our return policy: Although we value you as our customer, we cannot accept returns on opened merchandise because you tried it and didn’t like it or because you ordered the wrong thing and didn’t notice before you opened it. Please read the product information on our web site carefully and be sure you are ordering the product you want; check again before opening. InkjetMall will accept authorized returns on unopened merchandise for 15 days from receipt for a full refund on the merchandise only, less a 15% restocking fee. Returned merchandise must be in saleable condition in its original packaging. Authorized returns must be received within 15 days of an RMA being issued and will not be accepted after that.

Would you like me to request a RMA be issued for the 4880 chips you bought in error, so you can return the unopened chips?

Please let me know~ Dana :slight_smile:

I totally understand, Dana…

I didn’t originally order the chips so I’m not sure how the mix up occurred, but all we can do now is order the correct ones and move forward.

I’m not sure what the original order date was either but it may be past the 15 days too. If it is still within the permitted time frame then please send me an RMA for the 2 sets of unopened 4880 chips less the Photo Black T5651 which was correct. I’ve already looked up the correct p/n’s and I’ll get the correct chips ordered ASAP.

Once again, Thank You for your assistance with this matter.

I also have a problem with a 4800 Epson printer with piezography. The matte black cartridge was reading “invalid ink cartridge”. So I replace the chip with a new one I bought from inkjetmall maybe two years ago. Unhappily after replacement the cartridge is now still reading “invalid ink cartridge” . I was surprised that the new chip was hand-written “MK Chip T5448” even when the matte black cartridge was printed T5651. Could you help me ?
Thank you very much.

Hi Marc~

We communicated via email this morning, but I wanted to also respond to your forum post for anyone who reads this thread:

To clarify part numbers, the ending number “1” is Photo Black and “8” is Matte Black.
I discovered the cause of your “invalid cartridge” message was that your printer is in Photo Black mode, and you have been using a PK cart/chip for years. When you replaced the chip with a Matte Black chip, the printer sees the different black chip, and displays the error. The printer will not accept a MK chip unless you preformed a black ink change cycle. To resolve this issue, attach a PK chip to this cartridge, and your printer will be happy again.

Warmly~ Dana