The best way to get my Epson 9800 going again

I have recently got an Epson 9800, everything is working except the importen thing printing is properly clog. Nothing is coming on the paper.

Is there a methode for getting the printer to work again? Init fill - flush - Nozzle check? I have brought some PiezoFlush (stilling waiting for it to be delivered)

And is there some way that i could visual check if printer is working - like the pump/dampers etc.


check the flush/capping/pump station first (clean it). Then do a power cleaning. If you see even a little nozzles printing after this you know that it’s probably fixable. Then you need to replace dampers and also run flush through everything.


Thx a lot

Regards Jakob

Just a quick updateIMG_0613
Had some problem with chips. Put pressure on the cart - that helped.

Ran one Init Fill - tubes became almost completely empty - Ran another init fill - the PeizoFlush went in to tubes

57074389600__9274D6D0-F525-48C2-A8CA-82A4ACBD91F6 57074504493__B6575AEC-4525-483A-BE25-7C641E5A8449

and all the way to the dampers/printerhead.


Some piezo even came to the cabbing station :0)

Just have to wait until tomorrow, because the maintenance became full. :slight_smile: Buy a new one or two…


Hi again…


A quick question: Is this just at waiting game, to get piezoflush to work inside the printerhead. Or do I need to put some piezoflush underneath the printhead?

I have run some power cleans today.

Wait 48hrs. This is recommended.
Then 1 normal cleaning and see the check.


Hi Walker

The pattern looks the same, what will be the next natural step?IMG_0620

Turn auto nozzle check off from the control panel. Then do a normal nozzle check and upload it.

Need to see the actual nozzle check.


I hope this is what your are looking for…

IMG_0621 IMG_0622 IMG_0623

You may want to let you head rest of a soaked Piezoflush pad.

Also view this: How to Professionally Clean Epson 7800, 9800, 7880, & 9880 printers - YouTube

For how many hours? 48?

Hi Walker

The pattern looks the same, what will be the next natural step?

I think I handled this by email but forget. Please let me know your status.

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Hi Walker

I pulled the printhead, because it did not help with socking underneath the printhead. I spooled the printhead (video). But now it does not print again. Do I need to primes the dampers?

I have made two init fill.

If it’s not printing at all even though there is ink going (and no air bubble) this indicates two things.

  1. (most likely) your orings are screwed down too tight.
  2. back-pressure in the system. Your actual pressure pump (that pressurizes the cartridges) is weak.

I’m guessing it’s #1. These dampers don’t need priming. This can damage the dampers if you try to do this.

  1. Looking at the actual dampers. They look old. We always suggest to replace ever 2 yrs. They have small filters in them that fill up with sediment.


O-rings ? Location? I haven’t seen them.

First time when i put the printhead/dampers back in, i got and error 10027 (Air leak). I pulled the dampers again and put back again. And the error disappeared.

New dampers are on there way to me. I will change them when i have them in my hands.

If it is the air pump - is there some way i and check the pressure on the pump?

The o-rings are the small rubber rings that go under the lug nuts that screw the ink lines into the ink stems on the dampers. These should be replaced regularly as well especially when replacing the dampers.

No way to check air pump really. Just have to replace it.


Hi Walker

Now at have got my dampers and thinking of changing the o rings for my Epson 9800.

Do you know which size it is? I have read somewhere that it is 4mm?

Do you know anything about that?

Call compass micro. They have the exact part #. Whenever the dampers change the O-rings need to change as well. The o-rings wear out before the dampers do.


Hi Walker

I have change the dampers and the o-rings. But now there is no ink coming true (It was printing ok - with some clogging in the printer head before). I have had the printer head out again to check for clogging. This was not the problem - it flows fine with PF push true it.

I have also run severals “ink charge” but the ink is not flowing in the ink tubes.

Anything i can try?

IMG_0684 IMG_0685 IMG_0686