Syrnges will not go to the bottom of the container

Any suggestions? I have the Inkjet CL and when trying to fill my carts, the syringes will not reach the bottom of the container. The containers are about 1/4 full.

I measured the tips, and they can’t possibly get down to the bottom of the bottle of ink. These came with the inkset, so I am a bit confused. There is no way to remove any more of the bottle, the small tips go through the tops where the cap sits. All I am doing is sucking air, and hardly any of the ink goes into the syringe. I did manage to finally get them filled by holding the bottle on an angle, but next fill will not work, because the syringe will not bend to the side where the ink remains.

Take the rubber nib out and put the syringe blunt-tip needle through the back of the nib so it stick out.

Put the nib back in the bottle and then you can get ink from the bottle to the cartridge.

Alternatively, you can take the syringe apart (the plunger out) put the syringe into the cartridge, and then pour the ink into the syringe from the back.


Thanks, that might work. I appreciate it.

You can always cut the top off of the bottle as well. Just use a box cutter.