Switching ink from flushing, first flush got half, second got all, then all stopped



I have a 4900 that I had fllshed with the flushing fluid. It had some nasty clogs, but it eventually got working. a nozel check whowed all pink.

BUT, I was running out f flsh in several.

I switched to the thrift ink pro, and did a charge ink nd a nozel check. About half of the nozels printed, everything else was blank. not even pink.

So I did a second flush, and everyone printed some. Tow were iffy and the black was not working to print the names of the colors.

So, I did the option to purge the lines, thiking that it would use less ink. and now nothing is working…

I checked the lines, and they have ink. One has a few bubles… so that needs to be addressed.

Does purge lies actually empty them, or does it do the same as an initial fill, with less ink?

I will do an initial charge again, and see if it helps.


Making some progress. I did an initial fill and now all but one channel is working fine. Not sure why it is giving me fits. I guess I will let it sit overnight, then maybe pt the flushing cartridge back I that one channel and see if I can flush it out.


Is the one channel that isn’t working fine printing any nozzles, or is the entire channel blank?
What channel isn’t working?
Is the air vent hole open on that refill cart?

“Purge lines” empties the ink lines, so it makes sense that nothing was printing after doing that, because an ink charge is necessary to get ink from cartridges to the print head again (to fill the internal ink system). Now that you have done the initial fill cycle, you have purged most of the air and most channels are printing well again. Letting it sit for a few hours or overnight is a good idea, but you may also need to do a second initial charge cycle to purge any remaining air, as well as PiezoFlush to get InkThrift flowing full-strength.

Best~ Dana