Switching from matte to gloss on and Epson 7900



I have an Epson 7900 that I have have for years and have only used the matte black ink. I am interested in printing on glossy paper but given the clogging problems of the 7900 I am concerned the old glossy ink in the line will permaclog the head. Any thoughts?


Get a pair of the Inkjet Mall’s replacement carts, fill them up with Piezoflush and a pair of chips from empty matte and photo black carts (Inkjet mall can supply these if you don’t have them). Then insert the Piezoflush carts and do a couple of black ink changeovers. Replace your original carts and do the same again. Keeps everything clean and working well. You may need to clean up the ink station every so often. I do this with all the carts over the winter when I am away from my French base and it keeps everything working beautifully. When I had a large format HP printer where I could not do that, I had to replace one or more print heads every time when I got back in the spring, as they had blocked over the winter.


Thanks! That is a little more involved than I was hoping. I think I will keep things in matte mode for now. I’m a little afraid to fix something that isn’t broke.