Switching Epson 4900 to all black ink for film output

Hello forum,

I am switching an Epson 4900 from the stock color to all black ink for film out put for screen printing. The lines in the 4900 seem very long. I have the all black ink carts in place and I figured I could just print several large sheets and exhaust the ink in the lines, but it’s like Mary Poppins bag, it never runs out.

I have been advised against the power cleans, because the 4900 print head is so fragile. I also know about the Initial System charge that can be done with the software from 2Manuals. I am really looking to avoid this route. Not because I’m too cheap to pay the $30, but because It only works on a PC :frowning: and I hate everything PC. Is there a better way to flush the lines? Some really saturated file I can print that will exhaust the maybe 30ml of ink per line?


The best way to purge all lines at once is using the Ink Charge cycle in the Adjustment program.
If you wish to print the inks thru the lines (which can consume both time and paper, as well as use valuable “printable life” of the print head), you can follow our instructions here for using the QuadTone RIP calibration mode to print ink from each individual channel (or all channels at once): http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?144-Print-Ink-Separation-Image-thru-QTR-Calibration-Mode (refer to the procedure at the bottom of the page)
OR- disconnect the in lines rom the selector unit, and use a syringe to manually draw ink thru the lines (some people have done this, though it’s not a procedure we recommend or provide instructions/support for).

I hope this helps.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: