Swapping mainboard between 7900 and 9900

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience installing used mainboards into a different x900? I have moved the mainboard from a 9900 into my 7900, and then wrote the NVRAM from my 7900 onto the 9900 board, but the mainboard still believes it is in a 9900, as it is asking for the left maintenance tank to be installed (which doesn’t exist on a 7900).

I presume the mainboard needs to be flashed/reset somehow? Does anyone know how to do this? I thought perhaps a firmware update would overwrite the memory, but as the printer can’t go into a ready state, I can’t do that through the firmware updater. The servprog.exe has a firmware update tool (which I presume would be able to update in a non-ready state), but it is looking for a .upg, .efu, or .opg file, and the firmware files available from epson are in a .fpg file, so I can’t do a firmware update through servprog.exe

@walkerblackwell , @Jon , any ideas?

This is not going to work because your encoder strips are different between the two printers. It’s going to hit wrong on the left of the printer.