SureColor PX000 -- how to stop auto-cleaning after installing carts?


I recently acquired a P6000 and will be converting it to Pro. I obtained a good nozzle check from the seller prior to purchasing. And now I want to run a nozzle check myself before starting the conversion to piezography. I opened up both doors and gently shook the epson OEM carts and reinstalled them. Three carts are showing low ink on the display but not expended. When I closed the doors the printer starts to do an automatic cleaning cycle. And then a message that one (or more) carts are too low to do a cleaning cycle and do I want to change the carts.

So here is my question: is there a way to bypass / stop this cleaning cycle so I can just run a nozzle check?

(As an aside when using large format Epson printers I have always minimised running cleaning cycles – and never, if possible, running power clean cycles.)

thank you.